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Indian Trading Wizard was founded with the goal of helping traders on global platform, by providing them top-notch trade ideas and education this is an educational website which helps new traders, investors to explore market, creating leveraging recent social media innovations to provide real time, actionable trading information to subscribers. The business grew quickly, adding a day trading chat room, email alerts program, and a host of educational content. The site continued to innovate, adding text alerts, a swing trading service, and a chat room with audio and video streaming.

Anand CEO Indian Trading Wizard

Anand Swaroop


Anand began trading stocks from teenage, experiencing several ups and downs while growing his account and his knowledge of how the market works, during his early stages of trading he faced several losses. He stopped trading for some days and did a thorough research on how to trade market, what is market and how does it work. It didn’t take him very long to realize that trading was his passion, and he was excited to the potential profits which he made by himself, he started sharing his knowledge with his friends and family by which they made huge profits, he grew his skill set through experience and self education. He developed a trading setup of his own working day and night which has been very beneficial, particularly drawn to the excitement and profit potential of day and swing trading. While he grew his skill set through experience and self-education.

After years spent trading and developing a winning trading system, Anand founded Indian Trading Wizard to teach others how to take control of their financial destinies and how to be financial independent. It started with a chat room on whatsapp and telegram where Anand could talk about the stocks he was trading and watching. The site grew from there, as Anand began using his experiences as a trader and teacher to hold webinars and live trading course sessions through Blizz and other online softwares. After years of trading and honing his system, Anand created the Bulls Bootcamp, through which he provided a comprehensive trading course to impart everything he’s learned as a trader and provide the mentorship that was so helpful to him as a new trader.

Team Wizard

Anand Swaroop


Anand is the owner and CEO of Indian Trading Wizard. A full time trader.

Sachin Kumar

IT Head

He leads the IT division and ensures the smooth functioning of ITW.

Mohammed Hussian


He guides the wizard mates to reach the financial goals and destinies.


Lead Instructor

By providing customer support and working behind the scenes to improve the Indian Trading Wizard courses.


Customer Relations Manager

He develops and implements process and procedures to improve operational efficiency.